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  • (06/24/2016) really fast storage ...
    article about NVMeF: NVMe Fabric Arrays . See also updated info about Flash only systems under enterprises-flash on this site.
  • (01/01/2016) NAKIVO supports Synology
    Nakivo this week upgraded its Backup and Replication software, adding support for Synology RackStation and DiskStation NAS. Read more here.
  • (10/26/2015) ZERTO on OracleWorld
    Even Oracle can use the benefits of Zerto software. More on that here.
  • (10/10/2015) RAID5 Wiedergeburt
    Raid 5 using modern harddisks could lead to probles. This is where flash technologies (SSDs) jump in. More on that here.
  • (10/02/2015) Nakivo and Huawei
    Huawei Partners with NAKIVO to Deliver Cloud Datacenter Services. Read more here.
  • (10/01/2015) ownCloud Blog 'use cases'
    New weekly ownCloud Use Case Blog Series 'ownClouders Anonymous' .